Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burritos

Good morning and welcome to our website dedicated to the art of omelette making! Today, we have a delicious recipe for you that is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner – breakfast burritos. These tasty treats are filled with eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, cheese and any other fillings of your choice. Easy to make and satisfying to eat, they are the ultimate breakfast on-the-go. So, put on your aprons and let’s get cracking! We’ve made this breakfast burritos easy to follow 👨‍🍳.

breakfast burritos ingredients


  • 1 package hot breakfast sausage
  • 1 cup chopped green pepper
  • 1 chopped jalapeno peppers
  • 8 large eggs
  • 2 tbsp whole milk
  • 4 oz. cream cheese
  • 8 flour tortillas
  • Shredded cheese
  • Black Beans
  • Chopped avocado Salsa


  1. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the hot breakfast sausage, chopped green pepper, and chopped jalapeno pepper. Cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the sausage is browned and the peppers are softened.
  2. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the sausage mixture to a bowl and drain the fat from the skillet. Return the skillet to the heat.
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs and whole milk until well combined.
  4. Reduce the heat to medium and pour the egg mixture into the skillet. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the eggs are just set, about 5 minutes.
  5. Cut the cream cheese into small pieces and add them to the skillet. Stir gently until the cream cheese is fully melted and incorporated into the eggs.
  6. Meanwhile, warm the tortillas in the oven or microwave until they are softened and pliable.
  7. Divide the scrambled egg mixture evenly among the tortillas, spooning it down the center of each tortilla.
  8. Top each burrito with your desired toppings, such as shredded cheese, black beans, chopped avocado, and salsa.
  9. Roll up the tortillas tightly, tucking in the edges as you go, to form a sealed burrito.

breakfast burritos

How long does breakfast burritos last in the fridge?

Breakfast burritos can be stored in the fridge after cooking for up to four days, provided they are stored correctly in an airtight container. It is important to allow the burritos to cool before placing them in the fridge, as placing hot food in the fridge can raise the temperature of the fridge and lead to bacterial growth. When reheating, it is recommended to wrap the burritos in a damp paper towel and microwave them for 2-3 minutes, or until they are heated through. It is important to note that any leftover ingredients used in the burrito should also be stored properly and used within their respective shelf lives.

Low calorie breakfast burritos substitutions

To make this breakfast burrito recipe lower in calories, you could make some substitutions in the ingredients. Instead of using hot breakfast sausage, you could use turkey breakfast sausage or even omit the sausage altogether and add black beans for protein. Use egg whites instead of whole eggs to lower the calorie and fat content. Instead of using cream cheese, use reduced-fat or fat-free cream cheese or omit it altogether. Use whole wheat tortillas instead of flour tortillas for added fiber. Instead of topping the burritos with shredded cheese, opt for salsa, chopped tomatoes, or diced avocado. These simple substitutions can greatly reduce the calorie content of the recipe while still maintaining the flavor and enjoyment of the dish.

What to serve with breakfast burritos?

Breakfast burritos are a versatile and filling breakfast option that can be served on their own or with complementary sides. For a full breakfast spread, consider serving sliced avocado, diced tomatoes, fresh cilantro, and salsa on the side. A side of crispy hash browns or roasted breakfast potatoes will add a hearty and satisfying touch. For a lighter option, a mixed green salad with a simple vinaigrette could be the perfect complement to a breakfast burrito. A cup of coffee or fresh orange juice will complete the meal and provide a refreshing burst of caffeine or vitamin C.

Whats the best sauce for breakfast burritos?

The best sauce for breakfast burritos is the classic combination of salsa and sour cream. This mixture of tangy and creamy flavors pairs perfectly with the hearty ingredients in a breakfast burrito, such as eggs, potatoes, and bacon. The salsa adds a kick of spice, while the sour cream cools it down and adds richness to the dish. To create this sauce, simply mix your desired amount of salsa and sour cream together until fully combined. Adjust the ratio of salsa to sour cream based on your personal preference for spiciness and creaminess.

Breakfast burritos health benefits

Breakfast burritos can offer several health benefits when made with nutritious ingredients. They can provide a good source of protein from eggs, beans, or tofu, which can help to keep you full and satisfied throughout the morning. Including vegetables, such as peppers, onions, and spinach, can add fiber and essential vitamins and minerals to your meal. Whole grain tortillas can also provide complex carbohydrates for energy and additional fiber. However, it’s important to watch portion sizes and limit high-fat ingredients like cheese or breakfast meats to keep the meal balanced and healthy. When consumed in moderation with nutritious ingredients, breakfast burritos can offer a delicious and satisfying morning meal that supports a healthy lifestyle.





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